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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Justuju Projects جستجو کے پراجیکٹس

جستجو میڈیا

Justuju Media Projects جستجو میڈیا کے پراجیکٹس

جستجو فوڈز
آفس ورکرز اور پروفیشنل طلباء کے لیے توانا اور " تیز کھانے"۔۔
A social service, and efficiency enhancement project
Fast and Energy Boosting Foods for Office Workers and Professional Students

A Tribute to American Sufi Urdu Poet
Sayyid Mohammad Hanif Akhgar Maleehabadi

The Best of American Humour Brought to You in Urdu

Based on a legendary book about Saudi Arabia "Zar Grifth"

Beautiful Poems / Ode of Syed Mohammad Munif Ahaar Malihabadi
Toronto Canada

Maulana Musavvir's Poetry Rediscovered
Urdu Poetry from early 20th Century

Ziabetes Kay Saath Saath
Dr. Abid Moiz's Landmark Urdu Book on Diabetes Presented
by Justuju

All About Pakistani Law and Crimes Control

Lessons Learned in the War on Terror
This Project is coming up soon. It is envisaged and designed on the lines of US government's LLIS.Gov
[Access to US is restricted. But ours would be a truly Pakistani and a Public Domain Resource ...]

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